Hyperlinks on Paper

Hyperlinks can be embedded anywhere on a page. Individual text, graphics or images can all function as hotspots. An hyperlink embedded page looks just like a ordinary page because the links are nearly invisible to naked eyes.

Authenticity Label

"Authenticity Label" is a physical proof of authenticity. The dotted pattern on each label is unique. Counterfeited labels will be detected and reported to consumers and authorities in real time when they are scanned.

Product Authentication

Using our iPhone app "WeBlink", you can scan HyperDots in print material and be connected instantly to video, websites and related product content. You can also authenticate products at the point of purchase.

Track & Trace

We provide you with real-time track and trace capability of an unique item or property. When an item is scanned, we will report back to you it's past locations and scan history to help you to verify it's origin and current status.
HyperDot technology provides a unique solution for authenticating products as well as their packaging. By combining micro dots on packaging and authentication marking on products, we provide an effective means of deterrence to counterfeiting. Our mobile app helps consumers authenticate products at the point of purchase, at the same time it helps our client, inspectors or government track and trace an individual item.